Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Like a virgin

Well, the weekend was weird. There really isn't any other way of putting it. And not just for me either. Wes freaked out a little bit too. That was kind of nice because it meant he wasn't just heading straight for the finish line. It meant we cuddled and I got a back rub and kissing and then we just looked at each other like, now what? I mean, it's been almost a year! And Wes remembers watching the last thing in my vagina pop out in all her bloody glory (sorry for that visual). But, we soldiered on and . . . it hurt. But we managed (and thank God it was only 2 minutes! Um, sorry Wes.). I'm sure it'll get better and sexier with time.

I've noticed that I've been a bit blue. Not post-partum blue or anything, just in a rut, blue. I haven't felt like I've been getting anything productive done and I know I'm a stay at home mom, so nobody expects me to get anything productive done, but still. I mean, (and please don't hate me Sandi and David), my daughter takes 2 three hour naps during the day, and sometimes a third nap, for only an hour. And she usually only gets up once at night. And she goes to bed at 9:00pm and usually gets up at 7:30am. I'm not hurting for sleep anymore and I have time to get stuff done. So, I came up with a plan. During her morning nap, I will get stuff done. I will exercise and shower and clean and whatever else I want to get done. During her afternoon nap, I usually also nap and then I can do whatever I want until she wakes up. So far, this plan has worked well (I started yesterday!). Except, how funny is this, I pumped this morning, to freeze some milk, and then she woke up after only 2 hours and wanted to eat. Less than an hour after I pumped. Thankfully these things produce on demand! But I am getting stuff done, even if it's just vacuuming the living room, or making a doctor's appointment. Small stuff, but it sure makes me feel better.

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Sandi said...

No hate....Josh was the same way when he was a baby. It was wonderful. But, I've found that even with twins, getting into the routine helps. Still, I find the same blue thing happens to me too, some days. It's more of a "there IS more to me than motherhood, damnit! I used to have brains, too!" Those are usually the moments when I need to take a break and do something just for me.