Friday, October 31, 2008

This is starting to get old

So I'm still pregnant. And I'm huge. Really huge. And I can't figure out why because there is only one of them in there. One! (Although I had a dream it ended up being twins, but after 5 (FIVE) ultrasounds, if it ended up being twins, I think I would sue someone.) Anyway, we decided I should get some "classy" pictures. To remember how freaking huge I am. Fun times.

Dancing the day away!

Pay no attention to the badonkadonk. It's keeping me balanced!

This looks all serious, but I'm telling her that she has 2 weeks until I'm evicting her.

The bags are packed, the birth plans copied, the phone list on top of the bag. The baby clothes/blankets/sheets are washed. The nursery done (pictures at a later date). The car seat checked out by three firefighters. Every single time I call my mom she answer with "did you have a baby?" Like I wouldn't call her on the way to the hospital. The little Navy Bean still hasn't dropped, but I've had other (gross) signs that labor will be soon (I'll spare you). The 6th of Nov. would be the perfect day, from Wes's job's stand-point, but we don't really have too much control. Now we just wait and I dream of sleeping on my stomach again and munching on little toes.


Sandi said...

I'm waiting!!! Hurry, Navy Bean!

Anonymous said...

You look so awesome! Great photos and ones I'm sure you'll be happy you took when you look back at them on go "I WAS SO HUGE!!"