Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just try to roll over

The house is quiet and empty. The kids and Wes's dad left yesterday. The house is a mess. He was supposed to have today off, but unfortunately, one of the other officers had a death in the family, so Wes is working for him. We were going to clean the house today, because tomorrow, we're having company! So I've been trying to clean, but um, I'm having these pesky contractions. And I've been having them off and on for a week. And they're starting to hurt and they don't go away quite as quickly as they did before. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, and Wes wants me to ask about them, but there's only one problem. We're having company because some friends of ours are getting married on Friday. But they're getting married in North Carolina, an hour and a half away. I would like to go (not at the risk of Navy Bean, of course), but I know if we ask about the contractions, that'll probably be a no (Wes doesn't understand why, which kind of confuses me). So I'll take it easy today, and hopefully they'll go away on their own. I'm sure I'll let you know either way.


Bart's Camille said...

Ummmm - not telling your doctor does not mean that the issue no longer will exist. Tell the doctor and if they say to stay, you should stay. Say it with me... "okay, you're right".

David said...

The Navy Bean can not be at risk.....nor the Bean's home port, so discuss with the doc and do whatever the doc says. Wes will understand.

(oh, and charge the camera/video batteries.... ;-) )

tbooty said...

i second (third?) camille & david. tell your doc. if you don't and you go and still have contractions, you'll worry the whole time you're gone.