Monday, January 07, 2008

Sadly, it's true

I know some of you may think that I made up the last post. I did not. And, sadly, it does get worse. Her house is filthy. She doesn't work and when she complains that she is bored, and I suggest she cleans house, she laughs, and says she already loaded the dishwasher. She has two cats and they moved into their new place at the beginning of June. She vacuumed for the first time in August. Did I mention she has two cats? Her husband doesn't help. She is currently in another state visiting family. He was here for a week after she left, before he left for his ship. I don't know what your man would do, but my husband would have the house spotless for me if I were pregnant (even if I weren't). Him, he left the house disgustingly filthy. Dirty dishes. Trash bags. Didn't vacuum (did I mention they have TWO cats?). And, I was dealing with all of this while finding out I may not have the opportunity to have kids. I just kept thinking, "dear God, this must be a cruel, ironic joke."

But, she is the nicest, most well-meaning person ever. Here is an example, that occurred before I was really friends with her. While the ship was away for six months, her husband left the car keys with her, even though she doesn't know how to drive. One day, while walking in the area she lived, she ran into a man who had been a waiter at a place where she occasionally ate. She asked him why she hadn't seen him in awhile. He said he lost his job and was having a hard time looking for a new one without a car. So she gave him her husband's car. With only his first name and his mother's phone number. After about a month of not hearing anything she called his mom, only to hear that the mom didn't know where he was. Finally, my friend called the captain's wife, who called the mom and threatened grand theft auto. The man called back within 20 minutes and told them where the car had been towed. It cost $1500 to get it back and there was damage from the tow truck. This time, my friend's husband took the car keys with him.

And these people are adding to the genetic cesspool.


Beth said...

Wow, it's like a train wreck - I just can't look away and want to hear more.

Truth really is stranger than fiction!

Bart's Camille said...

gosh. poor thing. there has to be some type of agency to help teach her how to take care of herself and her child and that can help her without taking away her kid. i mean she is obviously somewhat handicapped mentally, right??

Paul Pincus said...

She needs help. Simple.