Tuesday, January 01, 2008

new year, old crap

I was going to blog about Christmas and such, but now, since it was ages ago, I can't really remember it. What I do remember is that Wes and I went to visit some of my family. We had 12 adults and it took us 7 hours to open the presents. You read that right: SEVEN FREAKING HOURS TO OPEN PRESENTS. That is not fun. Not even remotely. With the kids, it only took us two hours to open presents. And it was a lot more fun. You can tell we're a gaming family, because between the 4 of us, we got 10 board games. We still haven't opened them all yet.

My favorite part of Christmas was my present to Camille. When I learned to crochet, the first afghan I made was for her. But that was waaaaaay back in March. Ever since I learned to crochet, every time I talked to her, she would be all, "so who are you making an afghan for now?" I could tell she really wanted one, and was maybe a little hurt I hadn't made her one yet. It was so hard not to tell her I had already made her one. So when I mailed her present, I put a note in there; "did you really think I had forgotten you? yours was the first one." She loved it, which makes me sooooo happy. I knew she would like it, but it's nice to know how much she liked it.

I had my doctor's appointment yesterday. We won't know the test results for a month, but she told me to go ahead with our trying to get pregnant plans. She said that the probability of my having cancer was slim, and even if I did, they would take care of it after the fact. Today I did not take my birth control pill.

Finally, I hate blogging about this, but I need a record. Yesterday, the kids broke down. They told Wes (both of them did, not just one) that their mom had told them that she left Wes because he didn't love Victor. Victor said he didn't believe her, and we know kids don't always correctly understand what they're being told, but both kids believed this is what their mom said (she left because she was having an affair with the man she is now married to). And, they are miserable at their mom's. They say it is chaotic and loud and unorganized and their step-brothers (they have two who live there) bully them. My husband was devastated and angry. He rarely talks to his x about things because he's afraid of rocking the boat but I told him that if he doesn't say something, then he is not protecting his kids. It is not possible for us to have custody right now, and she wouldn't give it anyway, but I'm willing to bet money that in a couple of years, when we could have custody, she would let us have Victor. I feel so bad for the kids and I really want to punch his x in the face. That probably wouldn't help the future custody battle though.

Well, I suppose I should do New Year's resolutions.
1. Pray more. Learn to accept things. Don't get stressed out as much. Let go.
2. Exercise, because it makes me feel better.
3. Make more time for fun and relaxation.
4. Figure out a way to become a multi-millionaire without doing anything.
5. Get more organized. This one is funny because many people think I'm the most organized person they know, but I constantly feel like I'm on the brink of chaos.
6. Quit making unrealistic lists of things to do that only make me feel bad when I don't do them.

Happy New Year!

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Mynn said...

I'm sorry about what happened with the kids and his ex. It sounds like you guys give them a loving stable enviroment... they are blessed to have that at your house hun.
I told you not to worry about it being cancer!!! Have a baby. You will be fine. I had a feeling ;)

Love you!