Monday, January 22, 2007

Thank you for your kind words

I am back home. I want to thank everyone for their kind words of sympathy concerning my grandpa. The funeral was a full military funeral and it was beautiful. I cannot say enough about the funeral home that took care of it (It's the only one in the area (five towns) so it's nice that they're good). The casket was amazingly beautiful and on the four corners they had statuettes of American Eagles with the US flag. Each one of my grandpa's children got one and they also gave one to my grandma. The local Legion was there (only 7 men; the area is dying) and two girls from the highschool played taps (the only time I cried). The pastor, who was new and had only met my grandpa after he was in the hospital in a coma, did an amazing job. He talked about how full a life my grandpa led because he chose to live instead of mourning what he had loss. He also found the song my grandma remembered the night my grandpa died. All she had was the words and he found it on CD and played it at the funeral. They gave her a tape of the funeral and she had listened to it three times over the past week. The funeral home also made a remembrance DVD and it was terrific. I'm going to get one. It was nice seeing all my family. We hadn't all been together since my grandpa's 80th birthday. The whole thing was nice, with everyone able to remember the goods times and people were mourning, but also happy that my grandpa is no longer in pain. The only bad thing; it was 6 degrees below zero when we were at the cemetery.

I am very happy to be home though. Grandma had received food from 15 different people and I kid you not, 12 of them were sweets. Chocolate bars, pies, coffee cake, cookies, cake, banana bread, pumpkin bread and it goes on and on. I really wanted to go to the gym today but yesterday as I was running through the Chicago airport (I hate the Chicago airport) to make my next flight (which I did, with three minutes to spare) I pulled a groin muscle and I can barely walk today. I also don't have my luggage. But I should get to talk to my husband today, so that makes up for all of it.

Thank you all again for your support.

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