Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dilemma solved

To no one's satisfaction though. I will not get to see Wes because the Navy has changed their schedule again. As long as he's home when he's supposed to be, I guess that ok. I'm really in no shape to travel anyway.

My grandpa, well, that situation has gotten more complicated. They put him on fluids in order to keep him alive until the weekend when everyone could say good-bye. Only now, he's strong enough to be off the ventilator and the stomach pump. But he doesn't recognize anyone and if he continues to live, he will have to be in a nursing home. Nothing any of us want for him. Even if he gets "better" the doctor is still only giving him 6 months. I have no desire to see him this way. I would much rather show up for a funeral and to take care of my grandma after everyone leaves. I hate this situation and wish my husband was here to help me through it.

I still can't breathe. Today at the store, I kept hearing this weird noise and finally figured out it was my nose.

I went to Micheals today. They had all their Christmas stuff on sale. I bought Christmas presents for about 6 people for under $35.00. Not bad. Now I hope I don't forget I bought all this stuff.

When I got home, in addition to the two years of Smithsonian magazine I need to read, I had 6 other magazines waiting for me. I finished a couple yesterday and planned on finishing one today and then I went to the mailbox and the stupid postman had brought me ANOTHER stinking magazine. Can I become a professional magazine reader because nothing else is really panning out right now (hi, I need a job but I'll be out of town alot because my grandpa's about to die and my husband wants me to visit him at a moments notice. Can I just call you when I can work?).

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