Monday, January 29, 2007

A little of this, a little of that

I'm finally out of my sugar induced coma which is apparently the Minnesotan way of mourning. I've been to the gym twice. My goal is to lose all the weight I gained in Minnesota before I return to Minnesota in three weeks. And I'm taking my exercise DVD's with me when I return.

I've been cleaning and organizing and all that good stuff. I spent three days looking for sturdy but cheap bookshelves for the kids' room. Then I spent four hours to organize the kids' room. Since when do you need an engineering degree to get a Barbie out of a box. And the Barbie dream castle is so big I'm sticking it out on the back porch and telling Allison it's her new room. Victor got so many legos I'm going to ask him to build another room onto our place. Hey, we're broke, we've got to work with what we have.

Today I listed about 13 books on They were books that I needed for my Ph.D and since I'm not getting that anymore, I don't really need them. I've already sold one of the books. When I'm through selling the books, I'm going to sell the horrible Christmas presents I got. If I can't work, I should make money somehow.

That's it here.

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