Sunday, February 26, 2006

wasting time

because I'm tired of doing homework and think I deserve some time to myself. However, since my pre-lims begin on April 3rd and I still have 2 incompletes that I have to finish before then, and pass a Russian reading exam, along with all the actual reading I have to do for my pre-lims, I really shouldn't allow myself any me time. I'll have plenty of time for that in the future. Like once Wes and I live together and we have children. Because all my married friends with children have a ton of time for themselves. sigh.

Yesterday I went to a talk my advisor gave about her new research. By the way, go buy her book. Her name is Francine Hirsch and it's offered on Amazon. It's called Empire Of Nations: Ethnographic Knowledge & The Making Of The Soviet Union. Anyway, her talk was amazing and her new research is really exciting. It was one of those presentations that makes me excited about being a historian. I know that sounds weird, but that fact is, historians often play a role in foreign and domestic policy, as well as international law. We just don't get credit for it.

Finally, would someone please back me up on this. The ex factor has hit, and she doesn't even know we're married yet. Wes's ex e-mailed him and asked him to buy a plane ticket for one of the kids so that they could go visit her family in Europe this summer (she is not American: Wes met her when stationed in Europe). Why should he buy a plane ticket for that? She left him and divorced him. If she wants to go visit family, she should get off her fat ass and get a job (I should add, her ass really is not fat: she's rather attractive). If she's that concerned about the kids seeing their grandparents, Wes and I will take them. But he is afraid that legally she can make him pay for this. I say, no way. He already pays child support, and this is not something necessary for life.

Anyway, back to the papers.


Bart's Camille said...

She can't make him pay for that. The grandparents are not legally granted visitation which is the only way that she could make him pay this. He should tell her nope.

Queen of Ass said...

She can't make him pay. It's snotty of her to ask, on top of child support he already pays.