Friday, February 24, 2006

Girls' night out

Even though my birthday isn't until next week, the girls and I went out last night. And I can't figure out why that top picture is so small. Anyway, we went to a gay club here in the area. It was drag night. The girls in the picture are, from left to right, Jenni, Nadia, me, and Venus. Marijka is taking the picture (yes, I realize that means you can't see her). Anyway, the drag queens were ok: there were only three of them. However, the fact that they were all wearing extremely high heels, and one of them was wearing platforms, was extremely impressive. They also had strippers. The first stripper was dancing around and trying to get tips. We were trying to avoid eye-contact, because even if you're straight, that doesn't mean you want some guys ass in your face (and we didn't have any money). But this guy came straight over to Nadia, took off his belt and then turned around and started dancing and pulling down his pants. Nadia was freaking out: "What do I do?" Someone in the bar yelled, "Smack that ass!" So she did: several times. But she was very uncomfortable. It was hilarious. Later, they had a very non-cute, chubby stripper and he came right to our table. Marijka informed him we were all lesbians. He replied, "You should be." What does that mean? We didn't stay all that late. We left the second time the creepy stripper came out. But it was fun and really nice to get out. We sure did laugh a lot.

Finally, I realized I haven't written about stupid student stuff recently, so I need to correct that. Last week, my students had papers due. I had a student e-mail me, asking me what main points I wanted her to put in her paper. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of having them write papers? Today, the professor I'm TAing for explained that the mid-term and final will cover all the reading we have done for the class. A student immediately asked if the novels we've read will be on the mid-term. Last time I checked, you read novels, so yes, it would be on the mid-term. Although, the professor, when discussing the population decline of the 19th century talked about the most common form of birth control: male withdrawal. He then stated that the Catholic church didn't like this because, and this is a direct quote: Catholicism is about going all the way! He turned so red when he realized what he had said! But one of Venus's students takes the cake in regards to stupid things people do. This student e-mailed Venus and asked her to call her at 6:00am to let her know if the weather would be good enough to come to class. Yes, you read that right. Venus's student asked for a wake-up call. What a moron! Ok, I guess that's it. I hope everyone has a great weekend. I will be spending it in the library, in that cage. Yay library!

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minnie said...

happy early birthday! sounds like you had a good time with the girls.