Saturday, June 02, 2007

Second try, sorta successful

Wes and I went to Jamestown on Thursday. We saw neat historical stuff. And we saw a lot of wildlife. This is one of the many pictures I wanted to post, but I guess you will have to get the pictures day by day.

Also, never camp in your husband's old (more than 20 years) tent if it is supposed to rain. It doesn't matter if your stepson is advancing in Cub Scouts. Go to the ceremony and leave before you wake up at 3:00am soaking wet with everything in the tent floating. Especially if you live 4 hours a way and forgot useful things, like umbrellas, ponchos, giant plastic bags. Not much fun. Not much fun at all.

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Beth said...

Been there, done that! God, it was awful.

Thankfully, he's moved on to sports.