Monday, June 11, 2007

Birds, birds, birds!!!

Wes goes back to work tomorrow. He has had two weeks off and we had our little "vacation". We went to Jamestown, Yorktown, the Botanical Gardens and camping in North Carolina. Mostly though, we were bird watching. We both love being outside and hiking and stuff and I've always loved birds, just didn't know much. We bought a birding software and it is so cool. And useful. It has videos and the sounds of birds, pictures from various positions and male/female/juveniles. Yesterday we identified six (SIX) new birds in only two hours at the Botanical Gardens. It was cooler and kind of cloudy. Before we went I was complaining that I hadn't seen a woodpecker or identified a hawk yet. Yes, I've seen plenty of hawks, but usually I'm the one driving and I don't think the highway patrol would be pleased with me if I pulled over and got out my bird book. Anyway, guess what we saw at the Gardens? Yes, a beautiful Downy Woodpecker (black wings with white spots. Absolutely gorgeous). We also saw a Northern Harrier (a type of hawk). It flew very low, right over us and then perched in a nearby tree for about 10 minutes. It was awesome and very large. (Next on our list of purchases will be a high-powered digital camera so I can take pictures where the birds are identifiable.) We saw two types of blue birds (not bluebirds): the Indigo Bunting and Blue Grosbeak. American Goldfinches flew in huge groups over the prairie area of the gardens. They're tiny, loud and stunning. We also identified a Tufted Titmouse and a Brown-Headed Nuthatch. It was a wonderful day and I love this new hobby. Birds are so spectacular and fun. And I love being outside all the time.

Later this week we will get the munchkins and Wes's dad will visit. Things will be busy. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

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Jay said...

I have a friend who 's into that too, but I only know 2 kinds of birds: big ones, and small ones.