Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A day off

Wes had Sunday off. It was his last day off, pretty much all summer, since they will be leaving soon for 7 weeks. And we had had the kids and his dad here for more than a week. So guess what we did Sunday? If you guessed that we ran around naked and had hot, dirty, nasty sex in every room of our house you would be. . . . wrong. Not that we didn't want to do that. Trust me, we really, really wanted to do that. But, we're parents. So instead, we spent 3 hours in the car to watch Allison's dance recital for three hours and then we drove 3 more hours home. And, her dance, 3 minutes long. We drove 6 hours and watched 3 hours of bad dancing for a 3 minute dance. A 3 minute dance mostly spent skipping (out of step) around the stage. But as Wes said when I pointed this out to him after her dance, "It was worth it."

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