Sunday, July 30, 2006

Break up

Well, I spoke to Andrea this afternoon. And now I'm even more confused. I told her that she had upset me and made me feel like her material wealth was more important than our friendship. She apologized for hurting my feelings, but not for what she did. That confused me. I was surprised she apologized, but how could she not understand why this upset me. I asked if I had done anything wrong and she finally admitted she was mad because we eloped without telling her and that she was mad because I went to Russia last summer instead of her wedding (I can't wait to hear what Camille has to say about that!). See, I told Andrea BEFORE she set her wedding date when I would be gone. She set the wedding for 2 weeks before I came back. When I pointed this out to her, she asked if I would postpone my wedding from Oct. to Feb. What!?! She said that it was only me that saw things that way. She also said I showed no interest in her wedding. I reminded her that I always asked for pictures of stuff and whenever we talked, she always told me she was tired of talking about her wedding. Then she pretty much started pulling stuff out of her ass and making stuff of. She also made a comment that could be interpreted as "I probably should have come up with a better excuse since you know how much I make." She also complained that when I visit TX I don't see her enough. Even though I have family there and usually don't have a car and she lives an hour away and has never offered to come get me. Anyway, she said she wanted to save the friendship but I told her I didn't feel like it was a friendship. I did tell her that I didn't think I could talk to her but maybe we could e-mail. I also told her I didn't really think of her as a friend because I didn't feel like she treated me like a friend.

I told Wes (he's at work) that I feel bad about it, but he said that I was justified. So, what do you think?


Bart's Camille said...

I think it's normal for you to feel bad. You do have a history with Andrea and I know you would have preferred that this never had happened and that you could have worked things out. That being said, this was her own doing. This is something she has quite literally done to herself. In that sense, you should not feel bad even one little bit. The whole rouse about her wedding is complete BS - I was shocked that she went ahead and scheduled it when she knew you were going to be gone.... an early indicator perhaps. I know this was and is hard but in the long run it will save you much grief. I love you and always will.

nadia said...

wow, insane! i am very proud of you for going through with honesty; i usually pussy out and avoid confrontation, so good for you for telling her the truth. i think you will start to feel more relieved than bad in rather short order. meanwhile, i have NO IDEA what andrea's deal is. like here i am, trying to GET her motives, and i just don't! did she just enjoy having you around as a punching bag, to blame for her own shortcomings? i just don't get it -- but good for you.