Sunday, August 14, 2005

Great day

Yesterday was a wonderful day. Let me tell you about it. Previously, I had decided I needed to go buy some new clothes. I also decided my apartment needed a little something new too. I started at Target. I bought several very large picture frames, because I'm going to have more than enough pictures to redecorated every apartment in this building. I also bought a new kitchen trashcan because mine was nasty. I wanted one of those pretty silver ones, but those were $60 and I just can't see paying $60 for something I put trash in. I bought a very nice, very functional and very cheap rubbermaid one.

Next, I hit old navy. I noticed when I was packing for Russia that all my pants are jeans, khaki or black and all my shirts are various shades of green (I have green eyes), red, or neutral color. I needed a shake-up. I bought 14 shirts, 2 pairs of pants and 2 belts at Old Navy for under $200. I am good. I got a pair of their new corduroy pants. I got the red ones (but they're pants!). They makes my thighs look a little heavy from the front, but they make my butt look absolutely delicious! And besides, once I start swimming, the thighs will tone down. Then I got a pair of green pants (again, pants, not shirt). I care wear both either out or to work. Then (I think this is a sign of getting old, except I've been doing it since highschool), I found 2 different shirts I liked, and bought 4 of them each. Three of them are striped (everything in my closet is solid), and the rest are colors I don't have, like blues, yellows, and lilacs. Then I could a couple of cheap T-shirts on sale, 2 long-sleeve button down shirts and a dressy, black tank top. I did good, I feel happy and I can't wait to start wearing my clothes!

Then, I cleaned my bedroom. It had still had stuff strewn all over it from when I returned. I also did some heavy duty fall cleaning. Apparently, I am a huge pack-rat. I cleaned my "study" (the dining room, except my desk is in there). I really don't need electric bills from 1998. I got rid of so much stuff. I overheated my shredder 6 times, because I had so many old bills, bank statements, ect. Those two rooms took up most of the day, but they are now spotless. I did also clean up my computer desk, so today, I just have to finish picking up the livingroom, and then dusting and vacuuming. Then the apartment will be spotless. I'm so excited!!!! I love it when things are clean. And then I can start organizing my school stuff.

I also bought a notebook computer yesterday. After talking to my brother (a computer geek) and Wes (a computer geek) I bought one I thought I would be very happy with. I also got a new printer, because you actually have to hand feed the sheets of paper through mine. That gets really old when you have to print out several long articles a week for school. The computer has a ship date of Sep. 2nd, which kind of bums me out because that is the first day of school. I kind of wanted it by then, but that's ok. I'll get it the first week of school instead. And then when Wes is here, we're going to fix my giant desk-top, so it doesn't keep freezing up and I can once again use it to play computer games.

So there you have it. My very boring, but productive day. Oh, wait. I forgot, I did hang my new Moscow and St. Petersburg maps on my livingroom walls. I also hung my new Lenin propaganda poster in the bedroom. In the bathroom, I hung up a multiple picture frame in which I had put pictures of various Madison flowers (I love photography, so I take pictures of everything). Ok, so that's my very good day.

Now, I have to go make banan bread (no, banana is not spelled wrong: it's just the Russian spelling).

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