Monday, January 05, 2009

Little giggle

This is how she felt after being in a house with 25 other people for 3 days straight!

Slightly drunkish looking baby, but with a smile!
She must have found the real eggnog!

Camille, with Navy Bean and her daughter.
Her poor daughter just wanted to squish and squish Navy Bean's cheeks!

Phoenix, holding the Navy Bean.

So, funny story about Phoenix and the Navy Bean. I'm breast feeding, so one day, while breast feeding discreetly, but not with a blanket over me, Phoenix walks up and asks what the Navy Bean is doing. I reply that she is eating. He looks at me funny, looks at her and then looks at me again. "What is she eating?" he asks. "Milk!" I reply. "From you?" "Yes." He looked at me strangely and then ran off. The next day, when I was feeding her again, he came up to me. "So, does she just suck on you and milk comes out?" "Yep." He seemed happy with that answer and ran off.

Anyway, I have a ton of pictures, but it seems a little late and a tad bit pointless to post them all. Besides, today the Navy Bean giggled. A real giggle. She's been doing these "ack" noises when she gets excited, but today, it was a giggle. It was so cute and just made me want to eat her up!

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Sandi said...

Munch away, girlfriend!

Getting another box ready for you....maybe next week to send it? I'll let you know.