Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Starting the year out asleep

I wanted to post pictures, but I haven't unpacked the camera yet. Let's just say that Christmas with 25 people is not relaxing, enjoyable or something I would want to do every year. Even every other year. Maybe every 5 years. I didn't get to talk to anyone for more than 3 minutes and Navy Bean was beyond stressed out.

The highlights of the trip were seeing Camille and meeting Sandi and David. Seeing Camille is always nice, and my entire family has been playing with the gift she got for Victor. Meeting Sandi and David (at Fighting Maturity) was great. I was very nervous, which meant I talked a whole lot. The babies are even cuter in person than in their pictures. Sandi and David are amazing and nice and real. I was going to take pictures, but someone (not me) was being a cranky pants. We were quite the spectacle in the restaurant, as we had three babies and one boy. I have to say, I was very impressed with Captain Stinky. He waited very patiently for his food, he didn't interupt the adults and he tried to get cranky pants in a good mood. And, when we left, he held the door open for me. My 11 year old step-son doesn't do that. Usually, he lets the door slam in my face (even when I have the baby) or he waits for me to open it for him (even when I have the baby). Overall, seeing them and Camille was probably the most I got to visit with anyone. Next year we're staying home.

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David said...

We had a great time meeting you in person and hope we can do it again the next time you're here. Captain Stinky won an 'awesome kid' coupon for achieving such high praise. Your little Navy Bean is adorable and the twins seem to have hit another growth