Friday, December 05, 2008

Random things

So Beth tagged me to do 5 random things about myself (I think that's what it was), and since the baby really doesn't do much yet, I've been looking for something else to blog about. I'm supposed to link Beth, but I'm computer illiterate (it's amazing I can blog), so she's the link on the sidebar that says (wait for it), Beth. I've decided to go with a Christmas theme. So here we go, 5 random things about Christmas.

1. I won a classic i-pod at Wes's Christmas party last night. This is wonderful because the most technologically advanced music player I have is a CD player. This also means I will probably have to have my sister show me how to use the i-pod. I almost didn't go to the party too, so that was pretty darn lucky!

2. When I was three, we were really poor. Really, really poor. My mom stole construction paper from the school she taught at and made a Christmas tree on the wall.

3. We lived in Arizona at the time of #2, and my first memories of my dad are singing Chipmunk Christmas songs while riding his motorcycle (yes, at age 3). I remember the helmet being really, really heavy.

4. I think my best Christmas was 1985. That year, I got a 10 speed bicycle and my mom told everyone she was pregnant (that would have been my sister). I was super excited about both.

5. I think my worst Christmas was 1997. I knew my marriage was over, but my entire family had gone to Colorado for Christmas and they didn't want me to leave my husband while they were gone (because they weren't sure what he would do and they weren't there to help me). So I stayed with him until after Christmas. I refer to it as the Christmas that never was.

So there you go. And now I have to go check on the Navy Bean. I'm sure this Christmas will probably replace 1985 as my best.

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Sandi said...

I bet it does, but it won't hold a candle to the ones that include Navy Bean setting out cookies for Santa and checking the chimney for Santa-sized clearance!