Monday, January 19, 2009

Resolutions and TMI

So I'm a little late getting to my resolutions. Give me a break! It's still January and I just had a baby. I noticed that Camille is resolving to get in shape before her 35th birthday. That made me think, because my 35th birthday is 10 days before hers. I could lose all this weight before then, but I don't think I'd look very good. I'd rather get in shape and get toned, which might take a while longer. So I resolve to have a bangin' body by May. Now, my husband already thinks I look great but that might be because 1) his x still hasn't lost her baby weight (her weight fluctuates, but she's never lost that last 20 lbs) and 2) he's only had sex 3 times since April 7th of last year (more on that in a minute). And I resolve to make a friend this year. A friend who lives in my area. I have a ton of friends and thanks to facebook, more and more of my old friends are popping up. This is wonderful and I'm thankful for it, but, I don't have anyone I would really consider a friend here. And with a new baby and a husband in the navy, a close friend would be handy. Not to mention it would be nice to have someone to hang out with once in a while. This means I have to move out of my comfort zone though, and reach out to people. But I can do it! Those are my 2 resolutions. That's it. We're keeping it nice and simple.

Now, to the TMI part. My poor husband. First he goes on deployment for 6 months, then he comes back to a 9 month pregnant wife and then we've had a few complications. I may have mentioned that the birth was a bit rough and I ended up with a lot of stitches. A lot of stitches. Well, even though I could tell the stitches had dissolved, things just didn't feel, um, right, down there. At my check-up, the doctor confirmed this. I guess that although the stitches healed up, some cells that were supposed to be growing on the inside of the stitches decided to grow on the outside. The doctor said that's not that uncommon. Only she had never seen the amount I had before. They need to be removed. By cauterization. Yes, I will have my lady bits cauterized. Don't you wish you were me!!! But, that means my poor husband has to wait until that has healed up before, well, you know. I think Navy Bean will be our only child together.

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Bart's Camille said...

Nah, I don't feel sorry for Wes. He'll be okay. I feel bad for YOU! Oh, and I have no doubt your bod will be bangin' by May. :)