Saturday, November 08, 2008

Forty weeks (and counting)

Guess who's due to have a baby today? ME!!!!! Am I having a baby today? Probably not!!!

Look at the size of that thing!!!!
Yesterday, someone asked if I was having twins!
I've tried everything: walking, swimming, cleaning, dancing, talking to her, threatening her, nothing seems to work. She is warm and comfy (I am not comfy!!!! But I am warm, actually, pretty hot all the time). Due to when my husband has to return to work and when my parents will be here, if we haven't had her by next Wed., we will discuss induction with the doctor. So we do know it will be within a week. Which excites me and scares me. But mostly excites me.
I received a wonderful box from Sandi and David this week (Fighting Maturity). It was filled with tiny little cute clothes. When faced with baby clothes I always have the same reaction: I can't believe my baby will be that small!!! Then, I can't believe I have to push something that big out of my body!!! But we didn't have any newborn clothes items, so they were needed. (Although I think someone, maybe a grandma or a daddy went a little crazy with the shopping when they discovered they were having twin girls!) Wes and I are still trying to figure out how we went from having no baby clothes only three weeks ago, to our unborn baby having more clothes than both of us combined! Although, I guess the majority of those clothes are onesies. I want everyone to take a moment, close your eyes and imagine all the people in the entire world wearing onesies. This is definitely worth one little moment! (I keep picturing Barbie in a onesie!)
The rest of today will be spent cleaning and having Mexican food. And hopefully I'll have baby pictures to post soon!


Sandi said...

Oh don't worry! You look beautiful! And I was TWICE THAT SIZE, thank you very much!

You're spending the rest of the day cleaning? Hmmm....nesting, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's awesome!

Can't wait to see those baby pics =)