Thursday, December 14, 2006

The phone is a wonderful invention

I got to talk to my husband yesterday. It was wonderful. What did we talk about? Some serious stuff (like what I decided to do with my life for now), some stupid stuff(video games) and a lot of "I miss you and I love yous". They will actually be in port a lot which means I will be able to talk to him fairly often. Between that and e-mail, I have it made. My dad's dad was in the navy and my dad was telling me that when they used to go out, there was no e-mail and long distance calls were so expensive that they could only talk for 3 minutes. Thank god for technology! We can even e-mail pictures (although not the ones he wants; like I want the whole Navy to see THAT). So I am happy. And, Wes is where he used to be stationed and he forgot how much he loves it there. He thinks I would love it there too. And his ex is from there and said that maybe if we got stationed there we could have the kids so they could learn the language better and see their grandparents more. I would like that. Who wouldn't want to live in the country shaped like a boot!?!

Other than that, just finishing up Christmas shopping, cleaning, reading and doing stuff I haven't been able to enjoy for a long time. I'm learning to enjoy life again. Maybe having to leave the program wasn't such a bad thing. Maybe it was a good thing in disguise. We'll have to see. I hope everyone else is as excited about Christmas as I am this year (I get the kids, even though Wes isn't here, and they'll meet my family for the first time).


minnie said...

glad you got to talk to wes! hope you have the best christmas yet! (well, as good a one you can have with your hubby gone anyway!)

Bart's Camille said...

who wouldn't like to live in Italy? I would love to visit you there. see you soon!