Wednesday, December 06, 2006

It's ok. . . .life is just temporary

I've been really sick. Really, really sick. Barely climb out of bed to get some medicine sick (although it didn't seem to affect my appetite any and so I have not (sadly) lost any weight). Monday I went out for lunch with a friend because I finally felt ok. But I took a nap before and after. Tuesday, I almost felt fully ALIVE!!! Which was wonderful because I had not done any Christmas shopping for the kids. Yesterday, I was at that Toy store even before it opened. I ran through looking at all the stuff the kids wanted to decide what I wanted to get them. Then I ran home and spent an hour on-line ordering it, or something similar when that particular item wasn't available on-line. Then I ate lunch and made peanut butter cookies. And I ate a lot of peanut butter cookies. Those were the best peanut butter cookies ever. After lunch I did some more running around to get a gift for a woman on my husband's side of the family whom I have never met. (him: just take a gift for a woman. They do that elephant game. me: what type of gift. him: you know, for a woman. You're a woman, what do you want. me: a more helpful husband) Then back home to look on-line for the one gift that doesn't seem to be anywhere. Only to find it isn't anywhere. It is completely sold out everywhere. So now Allison is not getting a digital camera. She is getting a 12 dancing princesses dream castle (or something like that). Then I watched TV and played computer games. It was a great day. Why? Because I felt almost fully ALIVE!!!

Today, today my body is reminding me that after spending almost an entire week in bed, I cannot just get up and act like I am almost fully ALIVE!!! Thus, today I've spent most of the day in bed. Although I did have some peanut butter cookies. Those cookies sure are good.


minnie said...

glad to hear you're on the mend. but yeah, our bodies sure pay us back for what we do when we feel almost "fully ALIVE!!!", don't they?

Tiffany said...

Hey you!

Glad to hear you feel better. How are things going in Virginia? I miss you, girlie and how understanding you were about many things. Not everyone is like that.

Jay said...

Next time try being only half alive at first, and then add more life gradually. :)

Queen of Ass said...

Iew, girlie! I hope you feel better. Sneak cookies.