Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Three down. . . and how to write a paper

Three papers down, two more to go. I also graded 70 papers this weekend. Some were really, really good. But most of them were not. Apparently, the USA education system sucks. And when students ask you what kind of style you want (Chicago, ect.) they really mean, "show us how to do this, because we will not take the web-page you offered and look it up for ourselves because we really don't care." And it shows. I still have a lot of reading to do tonight, so I will not drone on about how bad the papers are, but, and I never knew this, the USSR collapsed because women were not provided with feminine sanitary items. You learn something new everyday.



Kymmie said...

I'm sorry .... WHAT!?!?!?! The USSR collapsed because women didn't have Tampax?

***Kymmie gives Nicholson eyebrow; cue cricket noise***

Stacia said...

Well, the USSR really didn't provide women with sanitary items of any sort, and even though I don't think I could live without tampons, I don't know that I would plan the overthrow of a superpower just because of a shortage of them.