Saturday, December 18, 2004

More complaints

Today I had the fun experience of asking a student to leave my office. The student didn't agree with my reasoning for giving him the grade he received. You know what, I don't give a flying rat's ass what you think about the reasons I gave you a low grade. The fact is I'm your TA, and I'm grading your final exam, and I get to decide what your grade for the entire semester is. Maybe you should have thought of that before you highly pissed me off. And while I appreciate the apology you sent, you still crossed the line.

So, even though I have my own papers I need to write and a final to study for, this is one of night's when I wish someone was here. I wish there was someone to give me a giant hug and just hold me until I quit shaking. Someone to listen to me gripe about how much this pissed me off. About how I hate to have my competency questioned, especially by some kid who doesn't know half the stuff I knew when I was in high-school. Someone to make me laugh. Someone to make me tea. Someone to rub the tension out of my shoulders. Someone to make love to me until I forgot all the shit with the students this week. Until I forgot I have two papers to write and a final to study for. Until I forgot his name, my name and everything else I know. I would still know more than that little shit student though!


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Kymmie said...

Yeah. I know the feeling. I got lucky with Michigan though.

As far as that little spit wad? You had every right to throw him out of your office. And fail him for the semester. I have done that before. And it gives a great deal of satisfaction to the sick side of what may be the most crushing blow to a student's GPA. Which, quite frankly, that kid? I don't care what university he ended up at. He is probably at Bumfuck Nowhere State studying Underwater Basketweaving now that he can't get into any decent business school.

Good for you for standing your ground.

Hey - why don't you ever leave an email when you post?

Have a good day girl! With love ....