Monday, May 18, 2009

Catch up

Guess who got teeth yesterday?
So, the Navy Bean sprouted two teeth yesterday. She had been teething for about a week and doing pretty well. Wes left today for 10 days. Today, the Navy Bean has been waaaaaay fussier than she was before the teeth came through. I hope that ends quickly, otherwise one of us might be dead before daddy gets home!
Everything has gone through for the house and they will start building this week, if it stops raining. We went and picked out colors Sat. and then my head exploded. It took FOREVER and we liked most of the stuff in the model. But, this means by Oct/Nov. we should have plenty of room for company from all over the world!
Now, I just have to clean the house and start packing. I figure I will kill two birds with one stone by baby-proofing/packing at the same time!


Bart's Camille said...

that baby girl could not be any cuter! smooches to her....

tbooty said...

that is so exciting about the house! so happy for you guys!!