Thursday, November 08, 2007


Backstory: Wes's parents had health insurance when he was growing up, so he had his tonsils removed. My parents didn't and were told that wrapping dental floss around my oft infected tonsils, in an attempt to remove them, would be considered child abuse. I still have tonsils.

Him: Have you figured out what you have?
Me: Well, I have giant white patches on my tonsils and throat, so I think it's probably tonsillitis.
Him: What is that? Are you going to go to the doctor?
Me: It's an infection of the tonsils. I'm not going to go to the doctor because it's a virus, so they can't do anything anyway.
Him: I don't have tonsils.
Me: I know.
Him: So I can't get it, right?
Me: Well, since it is a virus, you could probably still get it. It would just settle in a different part of your body.
Him: Like my testicles?
Me (in all my sarcastic glory): Yes, it could settle in your testicles and then they would have to cut them off.
Him: I think I'll just kiss you on the cheek until you feel better.


Amynda said...

Ironically enough I had almost that exact same conversation a few weeks ago with my boyfriend. Now I keep threatening that I'm licking his whole face, as well as all the door handles while he's asleep.
Get those things removed missy!

Bart's Camille said...

poor baby. sorry you don't feel well. incidentally, it started off virally but once there is an actual infection, don't you need some antibiotics to kick it's ass? maybe a visit to the doctor kiddo? i love ya and miss ya!

Beth said...

Is tonsillitis always viral? I thought it could be bacterial? Either way, it's not fun. I had chronic tonsillitis until I finally gave in and had them removed when I was 22 years old (note: I'm in Canada, where everyone has health coverage, so it was free). Interestingly though, when I get a sore throat, I often find the sorest part is where my tonsils used to be (still nowhere near as bad as actual tonsillitis though).