Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Was ist das?

I love my German class. Not only have I learned more German in two weeks than I did in a year of taking classes (ok, that might be a slight exaggeration), but I love my kids. I only have 10 kids, but they are great. It makes me want my own class. But only one or two classes, not something full time (I'm lazy). And now I know I could teach middle school. Or at least 8th grade. The kids are so good and eager to learn and please the teacher. It's so nice to hear a student tell you they used your study trick and now they feel ready for the quiz. Or to hear the one very, very quiet girl speak up to tell you she studied for an hour. And it's the best feeling when they all ace their quizzes, AND tell you they're going to miss you next week. I'm going to miss them too.

But. . . I'm sick as a dog. My tonsils are so swollen I look like I have a double chin. My lymph nodes hurt so much I had to find a new position to sleep in. My throat feels like someone peeled all the skin off of it, rubbed it with sandpaper, and then set it on fire. Thankfully, I'm only teaching one class a day. I can make it through that. But by the end of class, I have no voice, I drag myself home and crawl back into bed. I have to get better soon. Mostly because it's been so long since I went birding that I've been dreaming about it for four nights straight. And the birds in my dreams are weird. I once dreamt of a robin that had nipples, like a cat. Anyway, I also have to get better soon because Wes and I are going to Minnesota next week. He's never met my Grandma, or any of my family that lives there. And my cousin just had a baby, so I can't wait to see her (and the baby). I'm excited about the trip, but I have got to shake this bug.

My peppers taste better than any pepper I've ever had. They are so sweet (the bell peppers, not the jalapenos). Really, really sweet. And red and green ones grow on the same plant, which makes me wonder why the grocery store charges $3.00 a pound more for red ones. Mine are only half the size of the grocery store ones, but they taste waaaaaay better. I love them.

Ok, gotta get some more hot tea.


Tiffany said...

Hallo Fraeulein,

gruss Dich!!! Es freut mich, dass alles diese Woche in deiner Klasse gut geklappt hat. Deutsch ist cool. Also, ruf mich noch mal an. Viel Spass in Minnesota!


Beth said...

Get well soon, hon!

Amynda (Mynnie) said...

i'm sorry you feel so icky hun! i hope you get better soon!! pack some warm clothes, it's FREEZING here, and ENJOY your trip. you'll have to tell me how cute the baby is =) take care of yourself sweetie, i'm glad you love your class!