Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Fall festival (now with goats!)

Since it was Victor's birthday this weekend, we went to the Fall Festival (ok, we probably would've gone even if it wasn't his birthday, but it made him feel special)

They had a petting zoo, where we got to feed the animals.

They had goats, llamas (which were really soft) sheep, chickens and other stuff.

They also had rides. I didn't go on the ferris wheel because we didn't have enough tickets. Yeah, that's my excuse.

afterwards we came home and the kids played with the new toys. Which means legos. It was a great weekend. Now I'm tired and my father-in-law is here so I am trying to be a good hostess while still working on my dissertation proposal.


Beth said...

You got to pet a llama?? I thought they were supposed to be mean and spit at people and stuff.

Bart's Camille said...

you're super woman! it sounds hectic but fun. i promise we will talk soon - hectic here too.. but not as fun. miss you!