Sunday, August 13, 2006

I'm ok

I'm not ignoring people (although, yes, I didn't call people because I didn't want my negativity to rub off on people). It's just that we have the kids this weekend. So I will return calls and e-mails after Tues. when they go home. Meanwhile, I'm ok, I'm not dropping out of the program. I'm just frustrated, but I'll get through it. Thanks for all the encouragement and love.

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Beth said...

Stacia, I'm glad to hear that you are staying in school! I know that I only know you through our blogs, but by the sounds of it, you are a fantastic teacher and a fantastic researcher and academia needs more people like you! I know how you feel -- the Ph.D. is a long, and many times, frustrating road (and supervisors can be very frustrating and make us cry! it happens to us all!). I have faith that you can handle anything!

Hope you are enjoying your time with the kids!