Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Update from Moscow

Hi folks, this is Camille again. I received an email from Stacia this morning. She is okay but seems a bit stressed. She was worried about her Russian language skills prior to this trip and it seems that since they are umm.... rather rudimentary, she has to take several classes... ALONE. Sounds like not so much fun. She has enjoyed seeing Elena and her boyfriend but hasn't been able to have any one on one time with Elena yet. She is looking forward to some excursions this weekend, sounds like she needs a little fun.

She did happen to see Pres. Putin's motorcade but did NOT happen to have her camera with her. I suggested she just keep it on her. Well, that was all from the Russian front today.

On the home front there was good news as it seems that her brother will not be contested by his ex for primary custody of little Phoenix. They are just trying to iron out some details.

Well, reporting for Stacia, Camille is over and out...


Queen of Ass said...

She's so determined, I'm sure her language skills will work out. I hope she has FUN, though, while she's there too!

Kymmie said...

She'll do it and be just fine - I know it! Good lord let her have some fun and get alone time with Elena. Tell her I said hello!

Bart's Camille said...

When Stacia sets her mind to something she is unstoppable so I have all the confidence in the world that she'll do fine!

I'll definitely let her know blogworld awaits her return.