Saturday, November 13, 2004


My friend Wes called me last night. Since he's in the navy, I only hear from him when he's not out to sea, which sometimes means, I only hear from him once or twice a year. So it's always nice to hear from him. We've been friends for 16 years now. A very long time. And though we sometimes have lost touch, we always find each other again. We have a very comfortable relationship, somewhat built upon the fact that Wes always talks like he wants to get with me. I should add, he always acts like a gentleman when I actually get to see him. But we talk about everything, including the women he picks up and what they do, and even though he's always joking that he wants to get with me, we have never, ever in 16 years really talked about our feelings for each other. So it threw me for a complete loop when yesterday, as we're about to say good-bye, Wes tells me that he misses me. And that he wants to see me again. And that he loves talking to me, and feels comfortable talking to me, in a way he doesn't feel with anyone else. And he was serious. And my stomach did a flip-flop. Was that just because I haven't heard a man, any man, say those things in such a long time? Or was it Wes saying those things? I don't know if I want to know the answer.


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Kymmie said...

HI there. Thank you for stopping by my corner today. I really hope this doesn't double post because I got kicked off the first time. I was editing my post when you were commenting, so I was embarrassed you saw it in such disarray.

In any case, if you are really wondering, stop. Try. I know. I didn't. And lost. I wondered too long and now he is in Scotland leading this "happy little life" with someone that could have been me. Don't get me wrong... I am happy now, I am just telling you ... I missed once. I will never miss again. And because of the detriment I placed on that commitment I made to myself, I now have who I have. I now have what I have and am grateful every day. I read some of your posts and read some of what I only THINK of every day. I don't have the bells to post that. You do. So it only leads me to believe that you have the bells to try. If it is something you may want to pursue? Try! I wish you luck and I send you good wishes.

Thanks again for stopping. You are welcome any time.