Friday, August 14, 2009

9 months old

My little adorable Navy Bean is 9 months old. She is so big, and smart, and funny. I just want to hold on to her, and beg her to slow down, just a little bit. Stay small for a while. Stay mommy's girl for a while. Stay a Navy Bean! She just won't listen. I love her so much.

We need to start a fan club for her at the commissary. I think at least four people stop us every week and comment about how cute and happy she is. She eats the attention up. But they are right: she is cute and very, very happy. One of her favorite games is trying to take my magazine, or my crocheting and playing tug-of-war with them as I declare, "No, that's not Navy Bean's. That's mommy's." Apparently, everything is hers.

We still have some sleeping issues, but everything else makes up for it. Besides crawling at light speed, she has begun taking little steps. She's up to three now. Part of me wants her to stop it, part of me can't wait for her to wobble across the room to me. She loves to play Peek-a-boo. All the time. For a very long time. She will play it anywhere. She loves to duck below a chair to pop back up. She loves to hide behind blankets, stuffed animals, toys, hands, anything that can hide her eyes. She loves to play when nursing, covering her one visible eye with my shirt and giggling as I cry "oh no, where is the Navy Bean? She was just right here. Navy Bean, where are you?" and then she pops up only to cover her eye again before I can finish, "Oh, there you are!"

She is fearless. She would crawl off the bed everyday if we let her. She will find a way to make it over our make-shift gates. She is amazing and I love her to death.
Which is why I haven't written about IQ lately. Her son, who is 6 1/2 months older than Navy Bean is not walking yet (among other things). This is why: IQ called me the other day and told me she is now playing WOW on her husband's computer in the living room because that way IQ Jr. can be in his pack n' play and still see her, rather than her playing in the office, when he would have to stay in his crib in his own room all day.

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Beth said...

No matter how big she gets, she'll always be mommy's girl, mommy's little Navy Bean!

The stories about IQ used to make me laugh. Now they just make me sad! I feel really badly for her poor kid!