Thursday, August 28, 2008

How big?

I would like to say thank you to those of you who have offered to send me gifts. I really appreciate it, and it makes me feel guilty. I'm not good with giving gifts. I'll make you banana bread and bring it to you, clean your house and babysit for you, but gifts, I'm not so good at. And since you all live far, far away, making you banana bread, cleaning your house and babysitting your babies really isn't practical. So thank you. You make me feel special.

Today I had an appointment with a fetal medicine doctor. I have this weird placenta thing (I have an extra one: do you think I could sell it on Craig's list?). Anyway, they're afraid that the cord may be in a weird place and therefore, the baby may not be growing enough. I was a little nervous for a couple of reasons. First, (if I've already said this, sorry) Wes's ship gets back on Oct. 7th. Then it leaves again on Nov. 7th for three weeks. I'm due on Nov. 8th. Wes was told that if I have the baby after Nov. 7th, he doesn't have to leave with the ship. He would be able to stay here for THREE WHOLE WEEKS!!!! WITHOUT WORKING!!!! However, if I have the baby before the ship leaves on Nov. 7th, he has to go with it (even if I have the baby on Nov. 6th, unless we could hide it). But if the baby isn't getting the nourishment she needs, they would induce early, which means Wes would have to go. That would be horrible. Second (and this probably should have been first), I want my baby to be healthy. Third, I had this fear they would tell me it's actually a boy. Not that I don't want a boy, but I've already told everyone it's a girl and we have a name picked out and now I want a girl.

Sooooo, it's still a girl!!! Which is exciting. And, the baby is normal size. Matter of fact, according to all the pregnancy web sites and books, she's actually really kind of big. But the doctor said she is a completely normal size. They said she weighs 3 lbs, 13 oz. And they confirmed where she is (I mean, besides my tummy). Her head is on my left side, a little below my belly button and her body and butt are on my upper right hand side. She's rolled around and kicked, but she hasn't actually moved from this position for about a month (although she is moving down, which is good). Although the doctor was my mom's age, I don't think he's ever seen a placenta like mine before. He seemed very, well, not confused, but just surprised. So I guess I'm special. Anyway, for now, things look good, and I go back in a month, just to make sure.

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tbooty said...

an extra placenta? odd. if you don't sell it on craig's list can i have it? maybe it'll jump start my ovaries into producing some good eggs. lol! (just kidding!!) i'm glad that navy bean is progressing well. i'll keep my fingers crossed that she stays in there long enough to be perfectly healthy AND to make wes not be able to leave for 3 extra weeks!