Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Why I eloped

or why weddings are bad. My sister is a wreck. She is a hormonal, tired, stressed bitch from hell. And that's putting it nicely. My mom is wreck. That's because, according to my sister, she can't do anything right. Anything. Nothing, zip, nada, nechevo. My poor mother. All she's doing is trying to make everything perfect for my sister. The problem: when there is a problem, my sister's definition of resolution is that everyone agrees with her. One day my sister hates her soon to be in-laws. If we just listen and nod, but not agree with her, then we are horrible, horrible people. If we join in the bashing, then we are causing drama. Except that the next day she loves them and if we can't anticipate that, we are trouble-makers. I just want to bitch slap her. And, she thinks that my mom and I are thick as thieves and she can't join in the club. And, of course, that means we are ganging up on her. I don't think I've ever bitten my tongue so much in my entire life. It is her wedding and I do want her to be happy. But geez, do you really want to piss off everyone else in the process? I just can't wait until it's over. Hopefully then everything else will be back to normal.


Beth said...

Those are always so stressful. A lot of hoopla for a few hours that you barely remember afterward.

Bart's Camille said...

Let's go dunk bridezilla in the fountain. That'll wake her up. Bet your mom wouldn't be mad at us THIS time!

Hope it levels out.

See you soon!

minnie said...

sounds like she should be on that bridezilla show right about now. i'm in a wedding in a couple of weeks and thankfully there haven't been too many bridezilla moments, but i feel your pain.