Sunday, March 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Camille!!!

Today is Camille's 33rd birthday. When Camille and I first met, she was a grade ahead of me and she had lied to everyone about her age, claiming to be a year older than she was. We were teenagers, and it was cool to be older. So I wouldn't be surprised if Camille decided she was only 32 this year. I'm watching you girl: I know the game.

This was the earliest picture of us I could find (I know my dad has earlier pictures of us at a school formal, but really, why would I want to embarass us like that). I think we're 18. There was another picture I wanted to post, but I couldn't find it. It wasn't a very flattering picture of Camille but her little baby sister is in the bottom corner with her finger up her nose. I love that picture. Anyway, I wish Camille's hair wasn't pulled back because it went down to her waist. It was really beautiful. And in case you weren't sure where her waist was, just look at the jeans. Apparently this was before people decided it was cool to have jeans so low your crack always showed.

Happy Birthday Camille!!! I hope you have a great year and that life gets easier with age and wisdom.

Also, happy birthday to my cousin Shanti.


Beth said...

Happy birthday to both!!!!

Bart's Camille said...

Oh God!!!! Could you have FOUND a worse picture of me? Sheesh. That's it, I'm posting a bad one of you on my blog. Just you wait! Aside from that, I love you and thank you for the birthday greeting and yes, I'm now lying in reverse. In a few years I'll be in my 20's again. Excellent!