Thursday, October 27, 2005

Even more excitement

Today, it got even more exciting than yesterday. Why? you may ask. Well, because I made apple crisp. Yeah, that was the big excitement. Although, it also had pears and dates in it, so it was a bit exotic.

After that, I went to the library for almost 6 hours and sat in a hard wooden chair and read for the entire time. Then I came home and ate.

And now I'm typing this.

How could it possibly get anymore exciting?


Queen of Ass said...

I have an idea. YOU watch my son while I go sit in a library and study for 6 hours, m'kay? Because this studying after bedtime thing isn't working this semester! (Of course, ambien would be the cause of that little problem.)

minnie said...

lol. it's more exciting than what i did yesterday. left work early, went home and climbed in bed. i just LOVE being sick. ha!